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Choc cool down smoothie

17 Apr 2018

Apparently it's getting cooler, but let's be honest, we only get a few winter nights if we're lucky each year. So while the rest of Oz is starting soup season, we can still whip up delicious and icy cold smoothies to cool down on a warm autumn day. Get the recipe for a choc cool down with acai below...

Meet our Systems Manager

16 Feb 2018

Debbie is our Systems Manager and has been with Queensland Country for 15+ years. Debbie looks after the systems and admin teams. She inspires her whole team with her healthy lifestyle and this year took part in her first ever Gold Coast Half Marathon. She recently sat down with us to have a chat...

The way you make me feel

08 Jan 2018

Now before we all burst into song and dance, like the famous Michael Jackson. It’s time to talk about the link between what we eat and the effects on physical and mental wellbeing. Whilst the effects of diet on physical health aren’t a new concept, the effects of diet on mental health are. Dietitian Emily Madden shares her thoughts...