Six steps to boost your fitness

As we've settle into 2019 some of us are looking to boost our fitness or recommit to those New Year's resolutions that have fallen off the to-do list. Zoe Spillane from Fitness with Zoe shares a couple of tips to set you on the right path.

Make realistic commitments to your workout routine:

It is tempting to go out guns blazing and start working out seven days a week but this approach is hard to maintain. Instead try finding an exercise or sport you can make a long term commitment to. This might be three sessions a week and then if time allows or you are feeling extra motivated you can increase your sessions.

Don’t set a time limit:

Giving yourself an ultimatum just adds unwanted stress and pressure. Instead celebrate the small wins each week as you become stronger, fitter and heathier.

Don’t stress if you stuff up:

Remember, changing your habits long term isn’t going to happen overnight. Your brain will want you to go back to old and comfortable habits. If you muck up simply brush it off and keep going. “Never miss a Monday workout, but if you do try to make up for it on Tuesday.” This is my little motto, I always make sure I get up and get moving at the start of the week. I’m a big believer that Mondays are for fresh starts. It’s the perfect time to refocus on your goals and it sets you on the path for a successful week.

Plan your workouts, write it down and tell someone:

This little trick is all about being held accountable. It’s easy to tell yourself you are going to exercise every day and then not do it, but take the time to write it in your diary and then physically tell someone. This adds an extra layer of accountability, plus they might even join you for a workout.

Try new things and find something you love:

While you are feeling inspired, why not get out there and try a new sports or fitness class. You can eliminate the fear of being the only beginner as the start of the year brings a range of people trying something for the first time.

Lastly find something you LOVE:

Exercise should be your little escape from the everyday grind; make it your happy place.

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