Delicious Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

Try this delicious recipe, thanks to Liz from Simple Nourishment.

Makes: 8-10 rolls rep Time: 15 mins

Ingredients for the rolls

1-2 carrots, grated
1 cucumber, cut into thin lengths
1 red capsicum, cut into thin lengths
10 snow peas, cut into really thin lengths
1 corn cob, kernals cut off
1-2 avocados, skinned and thinly sliced
1 cup mung beans
1 cup baby spinach
1 handful of fresh coriander
1 handful of fresh mint
6 eggs, whisked and pan fried as a large flat omelette 
6 chicken thigh fillets BBQ’d
1 Mayvers dark roasted peanut butter


Method for the rolls

  1. PLACE all vegetables on a large platter or plates
  2. PREPARE a large water bath (we use a frying pan filled with tap water) for dipping the rice papers in to soften)
  3. DIP Rice paper into water until wet all over
  4. PLACE rice paper onto plate
  5. USING a knife spread a thin line of peanut butter 2/3 way the middle
  6. START with carrot and follow with all other vegetables over the peanut butter
  7. FINISH with meat or eggs
  8. DRIZZLE with sauce
  9. FOLD bottom 1/6 up and then roll the side over the filling until roll completed

Prepare to stuff yourself entirely with delicious crunchy goodness! 

Ingredients for the sauce

1 fresh lime, juiced
1 clove fresh garlic, grated
1 fresh ginger knob, grated and about the same size as the garlic
1/4 cup Kikkoman salt reduced soy
1 tb fish sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
4 tbs sweet chilli sauce

Method for the sauce

  1. PLACE all ingredients in a jar
  2. CLOSE lid tightly
  3. SHAKE vigorously for 1-2 minutes