To help you identify risk factors that might lead to chronic disease in the future, you can access our wellness and prevention portal through Online Member Services. It's designed to prevent or delay the onset of any risk factors by giving you web based coaching, education, tools and resources to promote healthy living.

To find the Wellness Portal, login to Online Member Services and find it in the "My Details" menu.


  • Health Risk Assessment - a fairly detailed questionnaire about your medical history and lifestyle to give you a relative risk value for a set of 14 medical conditions.
  • Member personal health record - stores all of your details about your medical history, past and present treatments, medical records and medications, that you can choose to share with your GP, family or other health professionals.
  • Web based coaching and personalised health news - the portal creates a personal health and wellness plan for you based on your Health Risk Assessment results. This plan is an interactive online coaching tool that contains information about preventative health measures, key areas for to take action on, as well as set goals for improving your health.