Queensland Country Health Fund for the first time has been awarded five stars for the State’s most ‘Outstanding Value for Health Insurance - Extras.’ 

CANSTAR’s Research and Ratings Group Manager, Mitchell Watson said the health insurance industry can be confusing with so many factors to be considered when choosing a health insurance policy.
The CANSTAR unique star rating helps to take the guess work out of shopping for health insurance. “Our approach is based on value, so it recognises for the price a consumer pays what they receive back in features and flexibility,” Mr Watson said.
Queensland Country Health Fund was recognised for their Extras products out of a total of 98 health insurance policies from 18 health insurers owing to following:
  • With Essential Extras, you can claim for two routine dental visits as well as one root canal and crown per year if required (after waiting periods).  Similarly priced policies from other funds would only pay benefits for diagnostic and preventive dental.
  • Essential Extras also provides claiming across at least 13 different types of benefits, giving Members more opportunity to use their health cover where it matters most to them.
  • The three levels of extras cover reviewed all provide cover for the basics, while Members needing higher levels of cover are able to upgrade for modest increases in cost.

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We make switching easy and there’s no need to re-serve waiting periods when you transfer across to an equivalent cover from another health fund.
Plus, we have:
  • Choice of policies to suit your needs and budget
  • National Coverage
  • Happy Members - 97% of Members say they are satisfied with us when we ask them