We’re more than just a health insurance provider. We genuinely care about our Members and their health and wellbeing, and we demonstrate this by providing exceptional health insurance products that are simple to understand, and best of all, are affordable for you and your family.

What makes us different? Here are just some of the reasons...

We're all about affordability

We understand the affordability issues associated with private health insurance cover and that the general pressures of the increasing cost of living are a constant challenge for consumers. We pride ourselves on keeping our premium increases minimal for our Members but also ensure that the benefits we pay for services keeps in touch with the cost of the services. We regularly review the benefits on our covers and making changes where necessary to ensure value for money is consistently demonstrated on all our products. 

We're all about giving you what you need, and what you want, too

Our product range might be simple to understand, but all of our covers are designed to give you excellent cover and take care of you when you need treatment. We offer flexibility of choice by providing hospital and extras cover that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs, and a range of excess levels mean we also cater to your budget.

We're all about convenience

Convenience is important. You don’t want to run around more than you need to. So we offer on-the-spot claiming at participating medical facilities through HICAPS. Electronic health claiming and payment systems let you process your claim automatically after treatment and before you leave the surgery or practice. Electronic claiming takes out the inconvenience of filling in claim forms and waiting for a claim to be processed. But if you prefer to claim that way, we offer a number of different ways to submit your claim form too.

When it comes to finding out the details of your policy, not only do we give you as much information as we can here on this website, but you can also securely access your policy information using our Online Member Services, and even make changes to your personal details or cover. In fact, you can do most things online that you’d usually have to call us for.

We're all about added value

Paying good benefits for health services is only part of providing great value. We have also negotiated with a number of providers to provide genuine discounts to our Members to reduce out-of pocket expenses.

As the only Health Fund based in regional Queensland we understand that medical services are not always available in smaller communities and travelling is often necessary. With this in mind Queensland Country provides accommodation units in both Townsville and Brisbane available exclusively to our Members at concessional rates.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service – our Members always come first.