Your health

Managing Your Health

Health insurance isn’t just about helping you get well – though of course it’s really important to us that you do! But it’s also about helping you to stay well, so we also offer benefits to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy living benefits

Under our healthy living benefits, each year we’ll pay up to $150 (on our Premium Extras) per person per membership year to assist you to:

  • Participate in your choice of weight loss programs
  • Participating in your choice of quit smoking program
  • Participate in other approved health management programs** including:
    • Gym Membership
    • Personal Training programs
  • Having your skin checked for skin cancers through mole mapping
  • Consultation fees for a Diabetes Educator
  • Consultation fees for a metabolic dietician and nutritionist, when providing assistance with weight management
  • Undergo Bowel Screening tests and Bone Density tests, with no doctor’s referral required
  • Undergoing one PSA Test. We will cover a second yearly test not covered by Medicare

* Please refer to the relevant Product Brochure to ascertain the benefit payable under your level of extras cover.
** To comply with private health insurance legislation you must have been referred by your health care professional to participate in a health management program to address, improve or prevent a specific health or medical condition. A Health Management Program Benefit Approval Form must accompany a claim for these benefits.

Prevention health management

Telephonic disease management

The “Strive for Health” telephonic disease management service is designed to provide regular contact with a health professional for Members suffering from chronic disease. They can provide assistance and advice to help manage the disease by providing skills, education and techniques. All telephonic services will be provided by the Home Support Services expert team of Registered Nurses and allied health professionals, with the average program lasting over six months.

Home based care, telephonic and home monitoring for chronic disease

Home Support Services provides a home based care program that includes telephonic and home monitoring to help those Members with complex and multiple diseases. The program includes telephonic support from Registered Nurses and allied health professionals and also home visits by health professionals as required. The program includes the use of the “Strive for Health” web portal to enable Members to enter personal health readings and this can trigger an alert to a case manager if the results are out of the ordinary or concerning, prompting an immediate telephone call and rapid visit if required.

If you would benefit from participating in these programs, please contact us to discuss your situation and whether the program would be suitable. Any Member who has a private hospital cover with us is eligible to enrol for the program at no cost.

Wellness and prevention web portal

A wellness and prevention web portal has been developed and is available to all Members through our Online Member Services. The aim of our comprehensive web portal is to allow Members to identify multiple risk factors that may lead to the development of chronic disease. It will prevent or delay onset by providing web based coaching, education, tools and resources to promote healthy living.

To find the Strive for Health Wellness Portal, login to Online Member Services and find it in the "My Details" drop down menu.

At the core of the ‘Strive for Health’ portal are the following key features:

  • Health Risk Assessment – based on a comprehensive questionnaire in relation to your medical history, results and lifestyle, a medical ‘snapshot’ is created and provides a relative risk value for a set of 14 medical conditions.
  • Member personal health record – comprehensively stores all details related to Members’ medical history, past and present treatments, medical records and medications. The web portal has the capacity to store e-health information that can be shared with permission by Members with their GP, family or other health professionals.
  • Web based coaching and personalized health news – Based on the results of the completed Health Risk Assessment, a personal health and wellness plan is created. This plan is an interactive web based coaching tool containing advice regarding preventative health measures, identifying key areas for Members to take action as well as goals to achieve improved health levels.