Intermediate Hospital with Young Extras

If you're under 40 and looking for a medium level of cover that will get you through to the next stage of life and only want Extras cover for the services you'll actually use, consider our Intermediate Hospital cover with Young Extras.

What's covered under your Intermediate Hospital cover

Under our Intermediate Hospital cover, we will pay benefits (less any applicable excesses) towards:

  • Accommodation in a shared or private room (if available)
  • Overnight stays
  • Same day admissions
  • Theatre fees*
  • Intensive care*
  • Labour ward*
  • Prostheses

Our Intermediate Hospital Cover comes with a choice of excess – you can choose to pay a $500 excess or $250 excess. This means if you're admitted to hospital, you'll pay your excess amount upfront, but then there are no further charges to pay on the covered items during your stay.

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* For hospital services or treatments that have restricted benefit availability under Intermediate Hospital cover, no benefit is paid towards the cost of theatre charges raised for inpatient services in a private hospital or day surgery. If you have chosen Public Hospital cover and are an inpatient at a private hospital or day surgery, you will have a benefit entitlement to the default rate benefit for shared ward accommodation in a public hospital only.

What you get with Young Extras cover

By combining our private hospital cover with our Young Extras cover, you get cover for the most commonly used Extras, like dental and alternative therapies.

Find out more about our Young Extras, including benefits, limits and what we'll pay towards covered services.

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