Public hospital cover

If you would like to be treated as a private patient in a public hospital, then we have the cover for you. Queensland Country Health Fund offers a Public Hospital cover which means we will pay for the cost of shared room accommodation up to the level prescribed by the Federal Minister for Health, when admitted as a private patient (i.e. if you have elected to be treated as a private patient and medical services are rendered by a doctor of your own choice). So you, or your family, can be treated as a private patient in a public hospital.

Whilst this cover entitles you to your choice of doctor in a public hospital, your doctor may not be willing, or able, to treat you in a public facility. If you have to go to a private day surgery or hospital, you may face high out of pocket costs, which wouldn’t be the case if you had a Private Hospital cover.

If you do not have ancillary (Extras) cover and physiotherapy, for example, is required in hospital as part of your treatment, then you will not be covered for these services if they are invoiced separately by the physiotherapist. This is also the case for any allied services (exercise physiology, dietetic etc.) covered under one of our extras products.

What we will pay

Under our public hospital cover, we will pay benefits towards public hospital accommodation as a private patient, including:

  • Overnight stay in a private (if available) or shared room
  • Same day admissions (shared room only)

Our Public Hospital cover isn’t available online, but if you’re interested in taking out Public Hospital cover with or without extras, please give our Member Service team a call on 1800 813 415.