Private hospital cover

Private hospital cover gives you peace of mind in case you need to go to hospital. With private hospital cover, you can choose your own doctor or specialist to take care of your treatment, as well as choosing where you’ll be treated. As a patient, this means you have more control, and most importantly, it ensures that you and your family receive the best medical care.

We offer two generous private hospital cover options, depending on your circumstances - our Top Hospital cover and Intermediate Hospital cover.

Top Hospital cover

Top Hospital cover is our most comprehensive cover, making sure you're covered for just about everything.

What's covered:

Under our Top Hospital cover, we will pay benefits (less any applicable excesses) towards:

  • Private hospital accommodation in a shared or private room (if available)
    • Overnight stays
    • Same day admissions
    • Theatre fees
    • Intensive care
    • Labour ward
    • Prostheses
  • Public hospital accommodation as a private patient*
    • Overnight stay in a private (if available) or shared room
    • Same day admissions (shared room only)
  • Doctors' fees for in-hospital medical services when you are treated as a private patient

Our Top Hospital cover comes with a choice of excess – you can choose to pay a $500 excess, $250 excess or no excess at all.

Please note that there is a Benefit Limitation Period (BLP) for certain hospital treatments that only applies to new members to private health insurance cover, or to members re-joining after a lapse in their health cover of more than 63 days. Find out more about the Benefit Limitation Period.

View and print a full product summary for Top Hospital cover.

Intermediate Hospital cover

Our Intermediate Hospital cover is for that "in between" period in life, where you may not have started planning for a family yet and still feel fit and healthy, and you're looking for a lower cost private hospital cover to get you through to the next stage in your life.

Intermediate Hospital gives you cover for treatment in both a private hospital or day surgery and a public hospital at an affordable price.

There are benefit restrictions on some hospital services including, but not limited to pregnancy, IVF, heart surgery, major eye surgery and certain other services to keep policy premiums down. This cover also excludes benefits for hip and knee replacements, which are generally not needed until later in life.

We will pay benefits for inpatient services in a private or public hospital where a Medicare benefit is payable, providing waiting periods have been served, except for restricted or excluded services where a lower or nil benefit entitlement exists.

Our Intermediate Hospital Cover comes with an excess option of $250 or $500. Find out more about excesses.

Restricted benefits

If a service is covered as a restricted benefit, this means you will be covered with your choice of doctor for shared ward accommodation in a public hospital only. If you go to a private hospital for a specific service which has restricted benefits, it is likely to result in large out-of-pocket expenses. Restricted benefits are amounts set by the Government and are generally not enough to cover accommodation costs in a private hospital. No benefit is paid towards the cost of theatre charges raised for these services in a private hospital.

Whilst cover with restricted benefits entitles you to your choice of doctor in a public hospital, your doctor may not be willing, or able, to treat you in a public facility.

What's covered
Restricted services
In-hospital treatments we will pay a restricted benefit towards:
restrictedIn-hospital psychiatric treatment
restrictedCardiothoracic procedures - for example, open heart surgery
restrictedMajor eye surgery - cataract and eye lenses procedures
restrictedObstetric related services - birth and pregnancy related services
restrictedAssisted reproductive services - for example, IVF
restrictedGastric banding and obesity surgery
restrictedRenal dialysis - for chronic renal failure

Waiting periods may apply to all restricted benefits above.

Excluded benefits

An excluded service means you will not be covered in a public or private hospital and will not receive a payment from Queensland Country for that service. If you think you may need any of the procedures outlined below you may like to consider taking out a higher level hospital cover.

What's not covered
excluded services
In-hospital treatments we will not pay a benefit towards:
excludedJoint replacements - for example, an artificial hip replacement
excludedCosmetic surgery (hospital treatment for which Medicare pays no benefit)

If you wish to have full benefit entitlement for any of the restricted or excluded services under our Intermediate Hospital cover, you will need to upgrade your policy to one of our Top Hospital cover options at least 12 months in advance to provide cover for hospital services that are listed as restricted or excluded services.

View and print a full product summary for Intermediate Hospital cover.

Understanding excesses

When you choose private hospital cover, you can choose the level of excess you want to pay. An excess is the amount you agree to pay towards the cost of your hospital treatment on admission, in exchange for lower premiums. The higher the level of excess, the lower your premium will be, as you agree to pay a larger sum towards your hospital costs.

At Queensland Country, the maximum excess that applies per person within any one membership year is $250 or $500, depending on the chosen excess option, regardless of the number of times you’re admitted to hospital.

Excess OptionsMaximum excess per Membership year
Nil excessNilNil

Even on a family membership, regardless of the number of people covered, you’ll only pay the excess once per individual, to a maximum of two excess payments, for the entire family within your membership year. This means a maximum of $500 on a $250 excess option, or $1,000 for a $500 excess option.

Also, under our Top Hospital cover, we don’t charge any excess on children up to and including the age of 12 under our Top Hospital cover, if they need to be admitted to hospital for medical treatment.*

Your chosen excess applies to the full cost of hospitalisation at a public, private or day hospital facility. Once the excess has been paid, we take care of the rest, so you can enjoy the full benefits of your private health insurance.

Please note that if you do not have ancillary (Extras) cover and physiotherapy, for example, is required in hospital as part of your treatment, then you will not be covered for these services if they are invoiced separately by the physiotherapist. This is also the case for any allied services (exercise physiology, dietetic etc.) covered under one of our extras products.

*The excess exemption for children 12 years and under is NOT applicable under our Intermediate Hospital cover and Singles and Couples Combined cover. It is exclusive to our range of Top Hospital cover only.

Packaging your hospital cover with extras

If you’re looking to bundle your hospital cover together with extras, we have packaged hospital and extras cover options available, like our Singles and Couples Combined product for young singles and couples, or one of our private hospital cover options with Essential, Premium or Young Extras.

Other important information

There are some important things you need to know about your cover. Visit the links below to find out more.

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Cooling off period

We hope you won't, but if you change your mind about taking out cover with Queensland Country Health Fund and haven’t made any claims, we’ll allow you to cancel your policy and receive a full refund of any premiums paid within 30 days of the commencement of the policy.