Young Extras

Our Young Extras cover is a great entry level for the most commonly used Extras services.

Young Extras can be purchased on its own, or bundled with our one of our hospital covers.

Why choose Young Extras?

  • Generous annual limits for general dental and optical services
  • Cover for a range of alternative therapies, such as remedial massage, naturopathy and podiatry
  • Able to combine with hospital cover for complete peace of mind

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Services and benefits

In the below table, we've listed the services and benefits payable under our Young Extras option.

Type of serviceWaiting periodSub limit
per person, per policy benefit limits apply unless otherwise specified (per membership year)
What we'll pay
An overall limit of $500 per person per membership year applies for all dental services (excluding orthodontic services which has separate claim limits). Sub-limits apply.
General dental2 months$500 per person up to $1,000 per policyPeriodic oral exam - $34
Scale & clean - $56
Fluoride treatment - $17
Mouthguard - $113
Major dental
E.g. Surgical extractions #
Crowns and bridges
12 monthsSurgical extraction - $135
Full veneered crown - $500
Single and multi-focal lenses and frames2 monthsTotal benefit for optical items or services is limited to a maximum of $210 per person, up to $420 per policy
Initial consultation

Subsequent consultation

Group therapy
2 months$400 per person up to $800 per policy

Sub-limit of $80 applies to Group therapy


Initial and subsequent consultation
2 months$300 per therapy/
$500 per person up to $1,000 per policy

Initial and subsequent consultation

X-rays (not reading of x-rays)
2 months

Massage Therapy*/Bowen Therapy*/

Initial and subsequent consultation
2 months

Initial consultation

Subsequent consultation
2 months

Initial and subsequent consultation
2 months
Initial consultation

Subsequent consultation
2 months

Initial and subsequent consultation

Approved appliances (orthotics)
2 months

85% of cost
(up to sub-limit)
Other services   
Pharmaceutical ^2 months$150 per person up to $300 per policyUp to $30 per script
Healthy living2 months$125 per person up to $250 per policyBenefits up to the person/policy limit


The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) is a national pharmaceutical scheme funded by the Federal Government where patients contribute to the cost of prescribed drugs.

Queensland Country doesn't cover pharmaceutical prescriptions covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme or for contraceptives and items normally available without prescriptions.

We’ll pay benefits as outlined in the Extras table up to the claim limit for this category, with consideration to the maximum individual script benefit limit. The benefit amount per script is calculated by deducting the PBS general patient contribution amount from the purchase price (up to script benefit limit). This is conditional on the pharmaceutical prescription being listed in the MIMs Schedule as S4 or S8 and being dispensed in quantities in accordance with this schedule. We also pay for compound pharmacy scripts, as long as one of the ingredients meet this criteria.

The PBS contribution amount is reviewed annually by the Government and changes every year on 1 January. As at 1 January 2017, the PBS contribution is set at $38.80.

It’s important to note that a doctor's letter may be required for some pharmacy items.

* Benefits are only payable for services rendered by Australian Regional Health Group approved providers registered with Queensland Country Health Fund.
# Benefits paid on dental item numbers only, unless hospital cover is held and all waits have been served for any in-patient services.
^ Prescriptions not covered by the PBS, excluding contraceptives and items normally available without prescription and drugs not approved for sale in Australia. A co-payment applies to each prescription equal to the current PBS general patient contribution.

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