Extras cover

As well as hospital cover, we also provide ancillary cover, better known as Extras cover. Extras cover takes care of all of the handy health services, like optical, dental, physiotherapy and other general private health services that aren’t covered by Medicare.

With our Extras cover, you’ll get great benefits on a whole range of healthcare treatments and services – plus it’s a great incentive to make sure you keep up with your dental check-ups, get that new pair of glasses you need or even a therapeutic massage.

Extras cover can be bundled together with your hospital cover, purchased on its own or as part of a combined cover, like our Singles and Couples Combined cover for young singles and couples.

Please note that waiting periods may apply (including those for pre-existing conditions) and some products have restrictions, exclusions, benefit limitation periods, excesses and limits.

Our Extras cover options include:

Premium Extras

Premium extras

Our Premium Extras cover offers you a comprehensive range of therapies and benefits and gives you generous limits on benefits, to minimise any out-of-pocket expenses to you. Premium Extras can only be purchased in conjunction with a hospital cover option.

Essential Extras

Essential Extras

Our Essential Extras cover provides an affordable yet comprehensive range of therapies and benefits. Essential extras has lower limits, but offers you a lower premium.

Essential Extras can only be purchased in conjunction with a hospital cover option.

Young Extras

Young Extras

Complete hospital and extras cover isn’t for everyone, and maybe you’re only looking for cover on the things you’ll use, like dental, optical, physio and massage. Our Young Extras product provides cover for the most common services and benefits, with mid-level limits to keep it affordable.

Also, our Young Extras can be purchased on its own.

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Benefits of our Extras cover

Queensland Country offers some unique features with our Extras covers.

Rewarding your loyalty

We like to give back to our Members, and reward them for staying with us. Premium and Essential Extras are subject to annual limits, but after you’ve held a combined Hospital and Premium or Essential Extras policy for one year, your annual overall limit for Dental and Therapies will increase by $50 a year, up to a maximum of $250. For example, if a Member has held a policy with Premium Extras for five years, the annual limit will have increased from $1,400 per person at the beginning of the first year to $1,650 at the start of the sixth year.

All about choice

Unlike a lot of health insurers, you’re not restricted to certain providers. So if you’ve been seeing the same dentist since you were 5, there’s no reason to switch – you’ll still get generous coverage on services. We do have agreements in place with some providers though, so if you’re ok with shopping around, you could save even more money by visiting one of our Premier Providers.

Premier Providers 

To get the best value for our Members, we have negotiated agreements with a number of health service providers. This means that when you visit one of our Premier Providers, you’ll be eligible for great discounts.

Other important information

The benefits outlined on the website are a summary of benefits payable and do not provide comprehensive details of all benefits. To confirm the details or any restrictions that may apply please contact us or phone us on 1800 813 415.

Waiting periods

Many extras are subject to waiting periods; that is, the time between when your policy commences, and when you’re eligible to claim. Find out more about waiting periods, or how long you’ll need to wait for different services before you can claim.

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