Corporate health cover options

Corporate health for employers

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce, so it makes sense to help your employees receive access to the best health care when they need it. At Queensland Country we offer corporate health plans that provide your employees with very competitive and comprehensive health insurance products, and a low cost, high return investment in your workforce. This is why many employers view a corporate health plan as an integral part of an employee benefits package. Offering a comprehensive health cover as part of your employees’ package also makes it easier to attract and retain your employees. Health plans can be either employer or employee funded.

If you would like to know more about how Queensland Country can assist you with a corporate health plan call us on 1800 813 415 and ask to speak to our corporate sales manager.

Corporate health for employees

Queensland Country offers corporate health plans to employers, where unique policy pricing is available to staff of these employers. If you are a staff member of an employer who has an agreement with Queensland Country and you would like to join the corporate health plan, there are a few different ways you can join:

If you're already a Queensland Country Health Fund corporate member through your employer, you can log directly into the corporate portal using your login details provided with your welcome package.