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 Top Hospital coverIntermediate Hospital coverSingles and Couples
Combined cover
Public Hospital
Level of coverLevel of cover: 5Level of cover: 2Level of cover: 2Level of cover: 1
What you're covered forFor services provided in a private or public hospitalFor services provided in a private or public hospitalSingles and Couples Combined cover is only available with Singles and Couples Combined  Extras
For services provided in a private or public hospital
For services provided in a public hospital
Please note that waiting periods may apply (including those for pre-existing conditions) and some products have restrictions, exclusions, benefit limitation periods, excesses and limits.
Excess optionsnil excess
$250 excess
$500 excess
$250 excess
$500 excess
$250 excess
$500 excess
nil excess
Choice of doctor/hospitalCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Private hospital accommodationCoveredCoveredCoveredExcluded benefit
Public hospital accommodation as a private patient (shared room)CoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Theatre fees*CoveredCoveredCoveredExcluded benefit
Surgically implanted prosthesis benefitsCoveredCoveredCovered ^Covered
Intensive care*CoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Obstetric related servicesCoveredRestricted benefitRestricted benefitCovered
Assisted reproductive servicesCoveredRestricted benefitRestricted benefitCovered
In-hospital psychiatric treatmentBLP appliesRestricted benefitRestricted benefitCovered
In-hospital rehabilitation treatmentCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Cardiothoracic proceduresCoveredRestricted benefitRestricted benefitCovered
Major eye surgeryCoveredRestricted benefitRestricted benefitCovered
Hip and knee joint replacement surgeryBLP appliesExcludedExcluded benefitCovered
Plastic and reconstructive surgeryCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Cosmetic surgery
(hospital treatment for which Medicare pays no benefit)
Excluded benefitExcluded benefitExcluded benefitExcluded benefit
Gastric banding and obesity surgeryBLP appliesRestricted benefitRestricted benefitExcluded benefit
Renal dialysisCoveredRestricted benefitRestricted benefitCovered
Medical gapCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Access gap coverCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Nursing home type patients*CoveredCoveredExcluded benefitCovered
Mechanical appliances and artificial aids#CoveredExcluded benefitExcluded benefitExcluded benefit
Mammograms and bone density testCoveredExcluded benefitExcluded benefitExcluded benefit
Hearing aidsCoveredExcluded benefitExcluded benefitExcluded benefit
Australian hearing servicesCoveredExcluded benefitExcluded benefitExcluded benefit
NursingCoveredExcluded benefitExcluded benefitExcluded benefit
Hospital boarderCoveredExcluded benefitExcluded benefitExcluded benefit

^ Some surgically implanted prostheses may be an excluded benefit under Singles and Couples Combined cover, therefore no benefit would be payable in this circumstance; for example, hip replacement.
* For hospital services or treatments that have restricted benefit availability under Intermediate Hospital cover, no benefit is paid towards the cost of theatre charges raised for inpatient services in a private hospital or day surgery. If you have chosen Public Hospital cover and are an inpatient at a private hospital or day surgery, you will have a benefit entitlement to the default rate benefit for shared ward accommodation in a public hospital only.
# Benefits are not available on second hand equipment or on consumables. A benefit is payable for short term hiring (up to 3 months) of some mechanical aids. The purchase of some machines and monitors are limited to once every three membership years. Waiting periods will apply to all benefits outlined.

Covered benefitCovered
Benefits will be paid for this service
Benefit Limitation Period appliesBenefit Limitation Period
Hospital benefits payable on these hospital services during the designated benefit limitation period will be the minimum benefit declared by the Minister for Health and Ageing, except when a waiting period is being served, in which case no benefit applies. Find out more about Benefit Limitation Periods.
Restricted benefitRestricted benefit
If a service is covered as a restricted benefit, this means you will be covered with your choice of doctor for shared ward accommodation in a public hospital only. If you go to a private hospital for a service with restricted benefits, it is likely to result in large out-of-pocket expenses.
Excluded benefitExcluded benefit
If a service is an excluded benefit, this means that the service or condition won't be covered by your health insurance policy, meaning we won’t pay a benefit towards these services.

Understanding excesses

When you choose private hospital cover, you can choose the level of excess you want to pay. An excess is the amount you agree to pay towards the cost of your hospital treatment on admission, in exchange for lower premiums. The higher the level of excess, the lower your premium will be, as you agree to pay a larger sum towards your hospital costs.

At Queensland Country, the maximum excess that applies per person within any one membership year is $250 or $500, depending on the chosen excess option, regardless of the number of times you’re admitted to hospital.

Excess OptionsMaximum excess per membership year
Nil excessNilNil

Even on a family membership, regardless of the number of people covered, you’ll only pay the excess once per individual, to a maximum of two excess payments, for the entire family within your membership year. This means a maximum of $500 on a $250 excess option, or $1,000 for a $500 excess option.

Also, under our Top Hospital cover, we don’t charge any excess on children up to and including the age of 12, if they need to be admitted to hospital for medical treatment.

*The excess exemption for children 12 years and under is NOT applicable under our Intermediate Hospital Cover and Singles and Couples Combined cover, combined hospital and extras product. It is exclusive to our range of Top Hospital cover only.

Your chosen excess applies to the full cost of hospitalisation at a public, private or day hospital facility. Once the excess has been paid, we take care of the rest, so you can enjoy the full benefits of your private health insurance.

Other important information

Top Hospital cover product summary (printable)
Intermediate Hospital cover product summary (printable)

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Cooling off period

We hope you won't, but if you change your mind about taking out cover with Queensland Country Health Fund and haven’t made any claims, we’ll allow you to cancel your policy and receive a full refund of any premiums paid within 30 days of the commencement of the policy.