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What you're covered for(Singles and Couples Combined Extras cover only available as a combined product with Singles and Couples Combined Hospital cover) 
Please note that waiting periods may apply (including those for pre-existing conditions) and some products have restrictions, exclusions, benefit limitation periods, excesses and limits.
PeriodonticsExcluded benefitCoveredCoveredCovered
Simple extractionCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Surgical extractionCovered#CoveredCoveredCovered
ProsthodonticsExcluded benefitExcluded benefitCoveredCovered
Orthodontics, bracesExcluded benefitCoveredCoveredCovered
General services
AudiologyExcluded benefitExcluded benefitCoveredCovered
Remedial massage/Bowen therapy/Myotherapy*CoveredCoveredCoveredCovered
Foot orthoses and orthopaedic shoesExcluded benefitExcluded benefitCoveredCovered
Occupational therapyExcluded benefitExcluded benefitCoveredCovered
Exercise physiology^Excluded benefitExcluded benefitCoveredCovered
PsychologyExcluded benefitExcluded benefitCoveredCovered
Speech therapyExcluded benefitExcluded benefitCoveredCovered
Healthy living benefitsCoveredCoveredCoveredCovered

* Benefits are payable for services rendered by Australian Regional Health Group approved providers registered with Queensland Country Health Fund, as well as Bowen Therapists that are registered with the Bowen Association of Australia (BAA) or Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia (BTFA).
^ There are specific requirements to claim for exercise physiology.
# Benefits paid on dental item numbers only, unless hospital cover is held and all waits have been served for any inpatient services.
## The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) is a national pharmaceutical scheme funded by the Federal Government where patients contribute to the cost of prescribed drugs.

Covered benefitCovered
Benefits will be paid for this service
Excluded benefitExcluded benefit
If a service is an excluded benefit, this means that the service won't be covered by your health insurance policy, meaning we won’t pay a benefit towards these services.


Queensland Country doesn't cover pharmaceutical prescriptions covered by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme or for contraceptives and items normally available without prescriptions.

We’ll pay benefits as outlined in the Extras table up to the claim limit for this category, with consideration to the maximum individual script benefit limit. The benefit amount per script is calculated by deducting the PBS general patient contribution amount from the purchase price (up to script benefit limit). This is conditional on the pharmaceutical prescription being listed in the MIMs Schedule as S4 or S8 and being dispensed in quantities in accordance with this schedule. We also pay for compound pharmacy scripts, as long as one of the ingredients meet this criteria.

The PBS contribution amount is reviewed annually by the Government and changes every year on 1 January. As at 1 January 2017, the PBS contribution is set at $38.80.

It’s important to note that a doctor's letter may be required for some pharmacy items.

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Essential Extras product summary (printable)
Young Extras product summary (printable)

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