About Care Navigation

Care Navigation is focused on providing additional support and care coordination as a service for Members of Queensland Country Health Fund, specifically those living with a chronic illness or a recent discharge from hospital.

Care Navigation is operated by experienced Australian Registered Nurses (our Care Coordinators) who work in partnership with their Clients and their existing health professionals to help identify opportunities or contacts in their local area that might help them better manage their health.

Our Care Coordinators review Queensland Country Health Fund’s hospital claims data and identify Members who may benefit from extra support to improve their health, wellbeing and overall quality of life.

We will contact the Health Fund Member and discuss their current health status. If a Care Coordinator identifies that the health fund Member might benefit from additional support, they will conduct an in-depth assessment and devise a personalised care plan incorporating the Member’s existing health partners. If, as a result of the Member’s current health status, identified difficulties with everyday tasks, uncertainty over eligibility and access to local health services or concerns around changes in medication, Care Navigation will ask permission to work with the Member to help them remain safe, supported and well at home.

Participation in Care Navigation is voluntary and doesn’t impact the Member’s health fund premium or level of cover. If the Member agrees, they become a Client of Care Navigation and a Care Coordinator will help their Client find supportive in-home services, plus improve access to local community programs, groups, and health professionals.

Queensland Country Care Navigation Pty Ltd (ABN 92 610 024 916) is an independent subsidiary of Queensland Country Health Fund Ltd (ABN 18 085 048 237).